William Wingfield

ww1.jpg (40445 bytes)William Wingfield has been the staff accompanist for the music department since 1989. He accompanies over forty undergraduate, graduate, faculty and guest recitals each year. He is the pianist for the opera scenes program and spring opera production. Mr. Wingfield has conducted the fall musical comedy productions since 1990.

In addition to accompanying recitals, Mr. Wingfield accompanies over one-hundred juries a semester, dozens of styles lecture- performances, auditions, and workshops. He organizes accompanying assignments for undergraduate and graduate pianists each year. He is the rehearsal pianist for the Kansas State Choir and Collegiate Chorale. Mr. Wingfield is also active as a solo pianist, giving recitals at Kansas State and around the region. He speaks and gives workshops on accompanying.

William Wingfield received his Bachelor of Music degree in music theory from the Eastman School of Music in 1974. While at Eastman Mr. Wingfield accompanied undergraduate and graduate recitals and worked as an opera coach. He was the only undergraduate coach among six graduate assistants. Robert Spillman, Edwin MacArthur and Leonard Treash were influential in his operatic training. Three years of foreign language study, (Italian and French) in addition to four years of high school German helped him in his coaching preparation. In 1973 Mr. Wingfield won a full scholarship to study opera with Boris Goldovsky at the Oglebay Opera Institute. Wingfield studied piano with Barry Snyder, conducting with Donald Hunsberger, and composition with Warren Benson at Eastman. Upon graduating Mr. Wingfield went immediately to work as an opera coach at Chautauqua Opera, (1974-'75). He worked in New York City from 1974 to 1979 as a coach and rehearsal pianist. He was music director for several off-Broadway opera workshops and conducted a Rigoletto in New Jersey. He accompanied for the studios of Ellen Faull, Whitfield Lloyd and Rose Bampton and others. He was frequent rehearsal pianist for New York Lyric Opera productions. In 1975 and 1976 he was coach and chorus master for Harford Opera in Baltimore. In 1979 Mr. Wingfield took the position of staff accompanist at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. When the position of staff accompanist was eliminated he returned to school to work on a Master's degree.

He attended K- State from 1981 to 1983 as a graduate assistant in accompanying. He studied piano with Robert Steinbauer and Robert Edwards. After receiving his master's degree in piano performance in 1983 Mr. Wingfield moved to Nashville for year before returning to Manhattan to teach privately and pursue musical interests which included playing in a variety of bands for thirteen years, writing jingles for radio and TV, composing, and accompanying on a freelance basis for the department of music before being hired part-time in 1979. His position was made full-time in 1996.