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Schedule for Fall 2017

8/28/2017Survival analysis with high-dimensional covariates (1)Wei-Wen Hsu(pdf)
9/11/2017Survival analysis with high-dimensional covariates (2)Wei-Wen Hsu
9/18/2017Adjusting for covariate effects on classification accuracy using the covariate-adjusted receiver operating characteristic curveSuizhi Yu(pdf)
9/25/2017Marginalized multilevel hurdle and zeroinflated models for overdispersed and correlated count data with excess zerosNadeesha Mawella(pdf)
10/2/2017Body mass index and height over three generations - evidence from the Lifeways cross-generational cohort studyJiali Zhu(pdf)
10/9/2017A marginalized two-part model for semicontinuous dataJianfeng Chen(pdf)
10/16/2017Latent Pattern Mixture Models for Informative Intermittent Missing Data in Longitudinal StudiesChenshuang Lu(pdf)
10/23/2017No Meeting
10/30/2017The recent research workSuizhi Yu(pdf)
11/6/2017The recent research workNadeesha Mawella(pdf)
11/13/2017No Meeting
11/27/2017No Meeting
12/04/2017The recent research workSuizhi Yu(pdf)

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