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This page has some interests and some information that may be useful to others.  Thanks for looking at it.  If you want the professional stuff, go to Dodds Lab Web Page

Beer Brewing in Manhattan Kansas; I am a charter member of the Little Apple Brew Crew that was established in 1991.  We meet on the 3rd Monday of every month to discuss brewing and taste our creations.  We also have all-club brews and have won national awards (2nd place) for two of our beers.  Please contact me if you want more information on joining the club.

Adult Soccer in Manhattan Kansas :  There are several opportunities to play.  I am part of a adult co-rec group who plays fall and spring on Wednesday nights.  It is open age women and 35 years and older men.  There are several indoor opportunities.  Also, we have regular pick up games on Sunday afternoons.  Please contact me if you want more information.

The Red State Blues Band:  This is a band that I play harmonica for.  Please check the link for gigs and more info on the band.

How to build harmonica microphones.  I have been playing with building micís for a few years and if anybody wants tips check it out.  You can build a very good one for far less than they cost.

My Montgomery Ward amp 25JDR8424 Standard. a 6x5gt, 2 6v6gt, and 2 6sjt tubes. The speaker is a 10" speaker and the date code on it indicates a 1958 manufacture. I am told this is a DanElectro Schematic here

Bassman reproduction Weber Amp Kit project