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The Department of Music at KSU is housed in the handsome McCain Auditorium, opened in 1970 with extensive additions in 1974. This flexibly designed, acoustically adjustable facility incorporates several innovative concepts. The seating capacity is approximately 1,800 but a touch of a button lowers the ceiling to cut off the balcony and reduces the capacity to 900 for smaller, more intimate productions. Acoustical panels may be adjusted to adapt the auditorium for solo presentations, drama or large orchestral concerts. A three story addition to the east provides instructional, rehearsal and storage rooms for the Department of Music including ample classrooms, rehearsal halls, practice studios, and offices.

McCain Auditorium

The McCain Performance Series brings to the campus large musical attractions, world famous soloists, and chamber music, as well as dance troupes and drama companies. Faculty recitals expand the opportunities to hear performances of professional caliber.


Pictured below is the newly renovated computer lab in Room 324, containing 15 Macintosh workstations complete with MIDI keyboards and headphones. This state-of-the-art room is completely updated and is one of the best music technology labs in the country.

Computer Lab (room 324)


piano lab

Piano Lab


The Department owns four concert grand pianos, several studio grands, and a number of well maintained practice uprights. Organs include a concert Austin (40 rks), a Bosch tracker (9 rks), two Reuters ( 6 rks and 17 rks), and a Walker Continuo organ. An electronic music studio centers around digital synthesis with modern recording software and equipment. For the performance of early music, the Department owns two harpsichords, a chest of matched viols, and assorted early wind instruments.

room 204

Room 204


All Faiths Chapel - KSU and KU Tuba Euphonium Ensembles performing on Stage together.

All Faiths Chapel (pictured above and below), built in 1956, seats just under 500 and was dedicated as "a memorial to the Kansas State men who made the supreme sacrifice in World War II and Korea." Exceptional care was taken in the design of the chapel to achieve proper acoustical balance for solo instruments and string quartets while assuring sufficient resonance for organ music. In 1961, a 40 rank, pipe organ was installed, one of the finest in the Midwest.

All Faiths Chapel

Memorial Stadium was built to remember the students and graduates of the college who had fallen in battle in World War I. The memorial Stadium field is the rehearsal space of the K-State "Pride of Wildcat" Marching Band. The surface of the field is made of the same material as in the Bill Snyder Family Stadium. The turf and lighting make for one of the greatest marching band practice facilities in the United States.


Hale library was designed in a "collegiate Gothic" style to recall the architecture of building on the campuses of Oxford and Cambridge campuses and many other campuses of the 1920's. Kansas State University has been one of the designated depositories for government publications since 1907. The library was expanded, renovated and rededicated on October 5, 1997, at this time renamed Hale Library. The library houses an extensive collection of books, scores, and recordings.

Hale Library

The KSU Student Union is just a short walk from the music facilities. This diverse facilities housed here include theaters, art gallery, bookstore, food service, cafe areas, recreation area, information desk, legal services, student government, copy center, meeting rooms, ballroom, bank facilities, and ID center. This building is the hub of student and faculty social activities on the campus and enlarges and changes to meet these growing needs.

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