Ben-Hur Bazaar & Bizarre:
A Collection of Unusual Items

Over the years, many companies have used the "Ben-Hur" name to sell their products as a symbol of strenghth and integrity in their corporate image. You may find straight razors, spices, hand tools, and furniture with the "Ben-Hur" name. Further, Indiana's Monon railroad used both "Ben-Hur" and "Lew Wallace" as names for two of their engines. At least one steamboat used the "Ben-Hur" name.

Here is a general list of companies, products, and services which have used or still use the "Ben-Hur" name for commercial purposes:

Ben Hur Bicycle Company, Indianapolis
Ben Hur Catsup
Ben-Hur Coal, Meister Coal Company
Ben Hur Curling Iron
Ben Hur Mining Company
Ben Hur Moving and Storage, Inc.
Ben Hur Speedway, Crawfordsville, Indiana
Ben Hur steamboat (1887-1916), at Stillwater, Minnesota, on the St. Croix River. Photo by John Runk.
Ben Hur Chewing Tobacco Tag
Ben Hur Trading Company, of Ben Hur, Texas
Ben-Hur Whiskey, Rhomberg Distilling Company
Monon's Ben Hur Train
Westclox Ben Hur Alarm Clock

Here is the bizarre "Ben-Hur" stuff you thought you'd never see:

Ben Hur Cigar Box Opener
Ben-Hur Urban Legend
Ben Hur Model Kit
Ben-Hur Music Box
Ben-Hur Paper Doll
Ben Hur Race, Coney Island, New York
Ben-Hur Soap
Ben Hur Soda Pop
Ben Hur Trotter ; a Japanese toy from the 1960s
Ben Hur Watch Band

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