Bibliography of Works About Lew Wallace:
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Adams, Roger C. "Panic on the Ohio: The Defense of Cincinnati, Covington, and Newport, September 1862" The Journal of Kentucky Studies 9 (September 1992): 80-98.

Barber, A. W. The Benevolent Raid of General Lew Wallace: How Mexico was Saved in 1864 (Washington, DC: R. Beresford), 1914.
20p. ; 24cm / OCLC 10883235
[An unsubstantiated paper proporting that a man on a secret mission was actually Wallace.]

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93p. / OCLC 34499480

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40p. ; 29cm / OCLC 30529067
[Unrecorded in Russo & Sullivan.]

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See attached
image 40p. ; 23cm ; port. / OCLC 6849381

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429p. ; 23cm ; illus.
[Unrecorded in Russo & Sullivan.]

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363p. ; 22cm / OCLC 8587372

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239p. ; 24cm ; ports. / OCLC 959303

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See attached
image 148 + [4]p. ; 23cm ; illus. / OCLC 8224076
[Russo & Sullivan, p. 437.]

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288p. ; 22.5cm ; illus. / OCLC 37725631

Lew Wallace: The Study of an American Hero VHS recording, Dancing River Productions, 1999. [A production by the Lew Wallace Study Preservation Society.]
15 min. / OCLC 43599105

McKee, Irving. "Ben-Hur" Wallace: The Life of General Lew Wallace (Berkeley, CA: University of California Press), 1947.
See attached
image 301p. ; 21.5cm ; illus. / OCLC 7565902

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600p. ; 20cm ; illus. / OCLC 1004155
[Unrecorded in Russo & Sullivan.]

"Men and Women Who Are Making Current History" Metropolitan (January 1902): unpaginated. [One paragraph about Wallace with a nice photograph.]

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attached image 211p. ; 23.5cm ; illus. / OCLC 34015502

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attached image 560p. ; 24cm ; illus. / OCLC 6813027

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17p. / OCLC 10943266

Playing Out the Empire: Ben-Hur and Other Toga Play and Films, 1883-1908 (Oxford and New York: Clarendon Press), 1994. [Contains two good articles about the stage and film (1907) versions.]
321p. ; 23cm ; illus. / OCLC 28379241

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See attached
image 486p. ; 24cm ; illus. / OCLC 1043426

Schaaf, Martha E. Lew Wallace: Boy Writer (Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc.), 1961. Childhood of Famous Americans Series [This copy was signed by the author in 1983; library binding.]
attached image 200p. ; 19.5cm ; illus. / OCLC 1368542
attached iamge Another copy in variant binding

Schaedler, Louis Calvern. Lew Wallace: Middle-Class Novelist Thesis (A.M.), Duke University, 1941.
115p. ; 29cm / OCLC 21470574

Schultz, George A. Lew Wallace and the Mexican Liberals Thesis (M.F.A.), Wichita State University, 1956.
85p. ; 29cm / OCLC 18270897

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Stidger, William L. The High Faith of Fiction and Drama (Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc.), 1928. [Chapter IV, "Ben Hur" by General Lew Wallace is part biography, part literary criticism.]
See attached
image 254p. ; 19.5cm / OCLC 3944195
[Unrecorded in Russo & Sullivan.]

Treichel, James A. "Lew Wallace at Fort Donelson" Indiana Magazine of History 59:1 (March 1963): 3-18.

United States. 61st Congress, 2nd Session, 1909-1910, Proceedings in Statuary Hall and the Senate and the House of Representatives upon the Unveiling, Reception and Acceptance from the State of Indiana of the Statue of General Lew Wallace (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office), 1910. [Contains an extract of the address Wallace delivered July 4, 1866, at Indianapolis, presenting to Governor Morton the battle flags carried by Indiana regiments during the Civil War, p. 31.]
See attached
image 109p. ; 26cm ; illus. / OCLC 7085522
[Russo & Sullivan, p. 370.]

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attached image 116p. ; 23.5cm ; illus. / OCLC 13560648

Volpe, Vernon L. "'Dispute Every Inch of Ground': Major General Lew Wallace Commands Cincinnati, September, 1862" Indiana Magazine of History 85:2 (June 1989): 138-150. [Note: Riddled with errors and bizarre speculative history.]

Wallace, Harold Lew. "Lew Wallace's March to Shiloh Revisited" Indiana Magazine of History 59:1 (March 1963): 19-30.

Wallace, Lew. "How I Came to Write Ben-Hur" The Esoteric: A Magazine of Advanced and Practical Esoteric Thought 10 (September 1896): 105-110.

-----. "My Own Account of the First Day at Shiloh" Appleton's Booklovers Magazine 7:1 (January 1906): 72-77.

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