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O. John Selfridge|KSU College of Architecture, Planning, & Design

1997-1998 SYLLABUS

DSFN201 & 202 Environmental Design Studio


Materials list/Equipment and supplies:
The list below applies to general materials and equipment. The Union Bookstore and Varney's sell most of these items in a KIT identified by the course number DSFN 201. The kit can be purchased for $95.95, which is a very substantial savings compared to individual purchases, along with a few other items (Eagle 314 drawing pencil, etc.) in order to get started. You are encouraged to discuss a selection of colored pencils, inking pens and sketchbooks with the instructor before buying. Specific materials needed for each project will be discussed as projects are introduced.
The KIT and more:
The KIT is likely to contain:

23" x 31" drawing board
vinyl cover (with double-sided tape for attaching cover to board)
30" T-square (or parallel bar if you have one for this size board)
large triangles: 45, 30/60
triangular architectural scale
drafting brush
Ames lettering guide
lead holder(s) and leads: 2H, H, HB, F, B, 2B
lead pointer
sanding pad
metal erasing shield
eraser (tube) with vinyl and pink pearl erasers
drafting tape
push pins
yellow trace paper (18" roll)
mat knife and blades (Exacto #11)
18" metal straight edge

Whatever the current KIT may contain, you will need or find convenient to have such items as:

drawing paper sketchbook (but wait until the discussion of the Friday standard exercise to acquire such a book, or equivalent)
assortment of prismacolor pencils (as we later add color to assignments)
sketching pencils and/or charcoal pencil
assortment of ink pen points, pens, markers, etc.
Elmer's glue or equivalent for model building
3-ring binder
combination padlock
tackle box or equal to carry "stuff"
4H, 6H leads
utility knife
engineering scale
adjustable triangle
10ft tape measure
paper and boards and more paper and boards

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