Sunflowers confront each other along the fence in the backyard. Bees and other insects encircle them in the close heat of a summer day.


Night Blooming Cereus:

Once a year, midsummer, a plant blooms at midnight. Like a thousand gardenias, the fragrance fills the air. The warm pungent smell announces its arrival, and like Tiffany glass, it opens its translucent petals outward and back.


Backyard Scene:

A large garage provides a backdrop for a private area for birds, who compete with squirrels for a turn at the feeder. A cat-bird chair sits to the right waiting for occupancy. A ladder leans against the wall going nowhere.


Bertrand Street:

In the older section of town, trees frame a gray Kansas house. Totally bare limbs provide a glimpse of birds perched. Some of the trees already hint at the rebirth of Spring. A massive tree stump, like an amputated leg or arm, breaks through the ground along side the walk.


Prairie Burn:

The air, heavy and humid, predicts thunderstorms. A sinister looking funnel moves in from the right, and threatening black smoke from the burning of the Konza Prairie spreads itself over the land.


Arrival and Departure:

A portrait drawing of my Methodist minister father showing the things he should have in his possession: his book of religious rituals and his book of Methodist hymns. He loved to travel. His old leather suitcase shows the creases and scars that testify to the many trips he made. Two photos show him holding me, his first-born child, up to the camera and one of me in the 1989 standing next to him to steady his footing.


The Writer:

A jacket, which was worn by one of my longest letter-writing friends, who is both a writer and a poet, encircles the two books she authored. She is represented by some of her favorite ornate earrings, a broken egg shell, and a decorated heart-shaped box. She was a Romantic.


Mother Love:

Upon my mother's death, I felt a need to render her portrait with the baby doll that she had as a child and then passed on to me when I was a child. Her grandfather and her father were Methodist ministers, of which she was very proud. The white ceramic Madonna and Child figurine and the black silk purse she carried to church, balance out each other in this work. A wicker basket cone has an opening pushed away from the viewer. My mother was a hidden figure.



Kinder Care:

A toddler with great curiosity and talent was born to my writer friend. In this portrait of her, much of the world is yet unknown, but in play with her doll and blocks she will begin to develop a world of her own.


All drawings are charcoal and pastel, 22" x 30", begun in 1989 and completed in 1996.

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