The Education of Lacy

Lacy is a German shepherd dog, born Feb. 1, 1999, in Memphis, Tenn. She is the daughter of Keno, Am/Can/UCI Nat & Int/SKC Nat & Int Ch. Andaka-Zederland's Keno UD HT OA Registered Therapy Dog TT HTD1 CGC HIC OFA, and

MyMy, Am/Can/IntCh. Three D's O'My CD, Can CD, HCT, HT, OFA H,E,T Cerf

Lacy's full name is U-AGI Andaka-Zederland Time Travel, CD, NAP, NAC, TC, HIC.

Lacy is one of nine puppies - six females and three males - from her litter, bred by Daphne and Tony Szczuka, Andaka Kennels, Florissant, Mo., and William and Betty Sheesley, Zederland Shepherds, Memphis, Tenn. Lacy is black and tan like her parents.

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