Cheryl May's Dog Obedience Training Page

My competition obedience training articles

  • The Education of Lacy Training diary from the first six weeks of my young German shepherd dog. Lacy is six years old now, but I would train her in a similar way today as well, if we were starting over.
  • Conquer Ring Nerves!
  • Advanced Obedience -- Directed Jumping
  • Advanced Obedience -- Signals
  • Basic Obedience -- The Down
  • Basic Obedience -- The Recall
  • Basic Obedience -- The Sit
  • Do's and Don't's for Obedience
  • Quick Fixes for Obedience Scores
  • Survey: Dog Trainers Consider Their Dogs a Part of the Family
  • Overcoming Shyness in Dogs
  • Teaching Your Dog to do Tricks
  • For behavior problems, visit my behavior and basic training page.