More dog sports


I am just beginning to explore the dog sport of carting, where the dog learns to pull a cart or wagon. This sport was recommended to me by Dr. Chris Zink, to help strengthen my German Shepherd's back. Here are some links I've found which may be helpful:

  • DogWorks of Pennsylvania
  • Graham Carriage Works
  • Nordkyn Outfitters
  • Dog-Play Sledding, Skijoring, Carting and Pulling
  • Freestyle

  • Canine Freestyle Here's where to go to learn about dancing with your dog.
  • Rally obedience

    Here are some links to information about Rally obedience, which allows exhibitors to talk with their dogs during the competitions.

  • AKC's page on Rally as a non-regular class
  • Rally
  • Dog Owner's Guide article on Rally-O
  • Dogstuff Rally page

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