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Lyman Baker
Department of English
ECS-127   [ECS = English/Counseling Services Building]
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506
Telephone at office:  (785) 532-2150 -- with voice mail
Telephone at home:  (785) 539-5189 -- with answering machine
Office Hours vary with semester.
Contact me for current information.

Courses Taught
Note:  Course materials originally on this site have been moved to the English Department Server.  If you are looking for a document on the present site that you turned up through a search engine, or that you have bookmarked from before, and you end up being thrown back to this page, go to the corresponding course site (see below), cut back the address to the final backslash, and replace "index.htm" by the document name you were searching for on the present site.  (Sorry for this inconvenience.  The system administrators for the personal page server at KSU have imposed a strict limit on the number of bytes that will be allowed to transmit within a given 24-hour period, after which they shut down the site for a day.  This has resulted in my site there being shut down daily.  Unfortunately, the administrators have not been able to outfit me with a transfer utility that will send you automatically from a document on the old site to the same document on this site.  Hence, users get stuck with a complicated procedure that it should be the purpose of a computer program to do for them!)

Links below are to back-up sites for the respective courses.  These are on the public English Department server.  The main sites for all courses are at K-State Online.  This is a password-protected site, accessible only to students currently enrolled in a given course.  A certain amount of copyright-protected material made available to students under fair-use doctrine is accessible only on the main site.  Materials I've written myself, however, are open to the public, with permission to copy and use for non-commercial educational purposes (but only those).  These are available on the sites linked to below.

Courses recently taught are the following:

Other courses for which materials are available

This page last updated:  07 May 2006