Writing Assignment on
Raymond Carver's "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love"

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Write on one of the following topics:

Topic A.  Compare and contrast the ways in which the two men relate to their wives in the course of the story.

Topic B.  Compare and contrast the ways in which the two women relate to their husbands in the course of the story.

Topic C.  State three issues concerning the the nature of love that arise in the course of the story.  What positions do the characters (at least those who express themselves, directly or indirectly, on these issues) take in regard to them?  Is there any way the reader can infer what Carter's own views are likely to be on these issues, or does the writer contrive to keep his own opinions completely unavailable to the reader?  Explain.

  Consult the Study Guide to this story before attempting this writing assignment.

  You may also wish to review the general instructions on writing assignments.

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