Writing Assignment on
Raymond Carver's "Errand"

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Write on one of the following topics:

Topic A.  Explain how this Carver communicates/extablishes the human dignity of one of the following characters:  Anton Chekhov, Olga Chekhov, Dr. Schwörer.

Topic B.  Explain how Chekhov behaves in a way that outwardly might suggest that psychologically in denial of his death.  How does the story make it clear that (at least in this fictional version of Chekhov's dying days) he is not in denial, to himself.  What then are we to understand as the significance of those details in the story that might give the impression Chekhov was not facing up to his impending death?  That is, what motives are we led to attribute to him?  And what attitude are we to adopt towards him in virtue of our appreciation of this understanding of his motives?

Topic C.  What is the significance of the meticulousness with which Chekhov's wife describes the errand she sends the hotel servant upon?

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