ENGL 320:  Introduction to the Short Story
Spring 1999, Sections B and C:  Lyman Baker, Instructor

Texts for the Course

The basic text for the course is Ann Charters, The Story and Its Writer:  An Introduction to Short Fiction, 5th Edition (Bedford/St. Martin's, 1999). 

It is essential that you get the 5th Edition -- just published -- instead of the 4th Edition, which is being used by all other sections of the course this semester.  Only a few of the stories are the same between these two editions, so you will be out of luck if you try to find our reading assignments in the wrong one!

The correct text is available (only) at Claflin Books and Copies, which is in the little shopping area across from the Marlatt dorm complex at the corner of Denison and Claflin (catty-cornered from Ackert Hall).  If you go to the Union Bookstore or to Varney's in Aggieville, you'll find only the 4th Edition, which won't work.

Some of our required readings will be on the Web.  Almost all of these, though, will be study guides, discussions of certain basic literary critical concepts, and writing assignments.  These will be linked to from the Course Schedule.

In a very few cases one of the pieces of fiction we read will come from the Web rather than our text, or from a class handout. 

This will happen in particular at the beginning of our course, since we have more people enrolled (60) than were originally planned for (50), and we need to allow the bookstore to get a few additional copies in before we start making assignments in it.

In one or two cases, I may send you to Claflin Books or to the Arts and Sciences Copy Center (Eisenhower 18) to get a required reading.  It this happens, I will give you special notice, whether in the Class Schedule or through e-mail via our class listserv.

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