English 320:  The Short Story

Using the Course Schedule

Here are some important things to keep in mind in using the course schedule.

It will be impossible to understand what goes on in class if you haven't already read the assignment before you come to the discussion.

In order to make sure everyone is able to acquire the text in time to keep up with the assignments in it, I will arrange the schedule so that the assignments in the first two weeks of the course are also available on the web.  Just click on the link.  In some cases you will find more than one link to the same story.

I never use underlining on a web page for emphasis.  (Instead I use bold, italics, colored font, or large font, or some combination of these.  If you don't keep this in mind, you'll be hopelessly confused in trying to make use of pages you have printed out!)

The examination dates, however, you may take as firmly set. About a week before the date cited, you will receive special information (a "prep sheet") designed to help you to review in a focused way for each exam.

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