English 233:  Introduction to Western Humanities -- Baroque & Enlightenment

Study Guide on early Christianity (before Augustine)

Our reading on this topic is Matthews and Platt, The Western Humanities (3rd Edition), pp. 144-7.  (The sections are titled "The Life of Jesus Christ and the New Testament," "Christians and Jews," and "Christianity and Greco-Roman Religions and Philosophies.")  Our purpose in taking this up this set of readings is to acquaint ourselves with certain beliefs, episodes and theological concepts that play an important role in Saint Augustine's picture of universal history. You might want to print off a copy of this Study Guide and use it to take notes on as you work through the reading.  You will achieve a better understanding if you try to put things in your own words.  Your notes will also serve as a convenient source for review as examination time approaches.

Theological concepts that are integral to Augustine's picture of universal history









Episodes in the history of early Christianity that play an important role in Augustine's picture of universal history





Relations between Jews and Christians in the early Christian era









Relations between early Christianity and Greco-Roman Religions and Philosophies