English 233:  Introduction to Western Humanities -- Baroque & Enlightenment

Study Guide to John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress

Reading Six

Consider printing a copy of this SG and taking your notes directly upon it.

Reading Six:  pp. 87-97 -- From Christian & Hopeful's encounter with Demas through their escape from the Giant Despair.

Questions to pursue

(1) What is the significance of the fact that the Plain of Ease is not very wide, and that at the other end of it there stands a little Hill called Lucre (what is "lucre"?) in which is a Silver-Mine?


(2) What is Demas' pitch to the pilgrims, and how does Christian help Hopeful resist the temptation to give in to it?


(3) What happens when By-ends and his party of companions encounter Demas?


(4) Just beyond the plain, the pilgrims encounter a strange object.  What is it, and what personal significance does Hope see in it? 


(5) Christian and Hope next are enabled to refresh themselves.  Why do you think this does not count as giving in to temptation?


(6) Continuing on their journey, the pilgrims come to a Stile (look up the word if it's not in your vocabulary) leading to By-Path Meadow.  What happens here?


(7) Whom do they meet with while on the path, and what becomes of him?


(8) How do the pilgrims end up in the clutches of the Giant Despair?


(9) What is Despair's ultimate aim, and what tactics does he resort to to achieve this end?


What is the significance of the facts that he gets his ideas from the source he does?

(10) What enables the pilgrims to withstand this assault?


(11) What do the pilgrims do when they finally get back to the Stile?  And what effect does the Dreamer tell us this has?