English 233:  Introduction to Western Humanities -- Baroque & Enlightenment

Study Guide to John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress

Reading Five

Consider printing a copy of this SG and taking your notes directly upon it.

Reading Five:  Continue with your reading of Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress, (pp.70-87 ).  Don't forget to consult the notes at the back of our edition.  (These are the ones marked with a vertical cross in the text.)

Questions to pursue

(1) After they are rid of Talkative, Christian and Faithful continue on their way.  They are just about out of the Wilderness when Evangelist catches up with them from behind.  What are the chief things they learn from Evangelist?



(2) Shortly after leaving the Wilderness, they come to the Town of Vanity, the location of the famous Vanity Fair.  (In the 19th Century, this will become the title of a famous British novel by William Thackeray, relating the career of one Becky Sharp.)  What are the chief values celebrated in Vanity Fair, and how does Bunyan convey them?



(3) What happens to Faithful? 


What does the editor mean (in the note to p. 80 on p. 273) that "the allegorical mode is broken" in this incident?

[Connections to think about:  Do you think judges and jurors in actual trials would speak in the way the judge and jurors express themselves here?  (What then is Bunyan getting at?)]

(4) What is the explanation for Christian's release?


(5) How does Hope come to accompany Christian?


(6) What is wrong with By-ends?  What strikes us about his behavior?


(6) How do Christian and Hope end up parting company with By-ends?

[Connections to think about:  What is our initial reaction to Christian and Hope's behavior?  What might Bunyan reply to us?]


(7) What do we learn of By-ends from his discussions with this old friends?




(8) Who propounds By-ends' question to Christian, and what is the difference between the answers Christian gives and the answers we have heard?