English 233:  Introduction to Western Humanities -- Baroque & Enlightenment

Study Guide to John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress

Reading One

Consider printing a copy of this SG and taking your notes directly upon it.

Reading One: 

(a) Pp. ix-xiv of the Introduction to our edition (Oxford World's Classics).

(b) How Christian sets off on his pilgrimage, up through Pliable's return home (pp. 8-14). 

Questions to pursue

(1) What motivates Christian to leave his wife and children behind and set off on this journey? 


Drawing connections:  Can you analyze his assumptions?  How many distinct beliefs contribute to his decision?  Which are essential in determining it?  [That is:  can you point to separate factors such that, if any one were not present, the story would not get going in the first place?]) 





(b) Drawing connections:  What do you think the Slough of Despond stands for?  (Clues to consider:  How does Christian get into it?  What are its properties?  What doesn't work to get out of it?)