Extra-credit assignment
on Johann Sebastian Bach

Attend the Bach organ recital featuring organist Kei Koito, on Sunday, April 2, 2000, at 3:00 p.m., in All Faiths Chapel.  Here's the description given in the brochure McCain 2000 Performance Series: 

A soloist of international repute and professor of organ at Lausanne Conservatory [in Lausanne, Switzerland], Kei Koito is active as a performer, teacher and composer.  A reviewer for The New York Times once wrote, "Unsusually spirited and rhythmically alert Bach playing was the unifying thread of a stimulating organ receital by Kei Koito."

Her repertoire emphasizes the works of Bach, his predecessors, contemporaries and successors in the rococo and romanrtic movements.

Koito will perform an all-Bach recital at All Faiths Chapel in honor of the composer on the 250th anniversary of his death.  The works include Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, Canonic Variations on "von Himmil hoch, da komm' ich her," and Passacaglia in C Minor.

Further information, including information on tickets is available at the McCain 2000 site on this event.

(If you're as impressed as I think you will be with what you experience at this recital, you may want to consider acquiring Kei Koito's CD recording of Bach's The Art of the Fugue.)

In preparation for the recital,

be sure you know what the formal features are that make

[A good college dictionary will suffice for this purpose.]

and read the section in WH on J.S. Bach (pp. 377-38).

All you need to do to acquire 5 points of extra credit is to attend the recital.  Read the program notes.  Save your ticket, staple it to the program, with your name and e-mail address written on the page with the list of works performed.  I'll send you a short question that you won't have any trouble answering, and you send the answer by return e-mail.