English 233: Introduction to Western Humanities - Baroque & Enlightenment

Some results of the Council of Trent

[Required readings are indicated with bullets.]

There is also a detailed discussion of the Council of Trent in the Catholic Encyclopedia, and a brief one at the American University WWW site, which is a major source for important Catholic documents.  The Council of Trent lasted 18 years, stretching through the papacies of three separate popes:  Paul III, Julius III, and Pius IV.   Take a look at the range of subjects covered during the first seven sessions of the Council of Trent (between 15 December 1545 and 3 March 1547, the first of three phases of the overall Council). It is highly recommended, but not required, that you work your way through the Decrees and Canons of the Sixth Session (issued 13 January 1547).  These concern the central topic of justification.  

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