Summary of Observations Pointing to a Proof of the Collatz Conjecture

-- Summation of Path Densities During Initial Abstract Tree Development
-- Summation of L.d.a. Density Contributions After Complete Abstract Tree Development
-- Regarding the L.d.a.s as Sieving Elements Would Cover Z+
-- Algorithm Locating Arbitrary Integers in the Abstract Tree ==> All of Z+ is in the Abstract Tree
-- Directed Edges in Binary Predecessor Tree Ensure Reaching 1
-- Inductive Construction of the Predecessor Graph from its Elements Can Result Only in a Binary Tree
-- 1:1:1 Mapping of (a)Unique Integers into (b)Unique Locations in the Tree each with (c)Unique Paths to the Root (Thanks to Joe Parranto for this last.)

Note: This is the last directly germane slide. The following slides look at paradoxes, Feinstein's proof of unprovability, and other oddments.

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