Feinstein's Proof, Paraphrased and Inspected

-Feinstein uses a string-based argument to show (by contradiction) that infinite steps are required to prove Collatz's conjecture
-Use the (s,b,e) notation as the string to represent l.d.a.s growing in the abstract tree
-Now we have a nice string which never stops growing and models tree growth well
-The abstract tree contains an infinite set of infinite sets. AGREED!
-But we've analyzed the odd integer content of the abstract tree, finding that it converges to complete coverage of the integers.
-Sometimes this looks paradoxical
-While the predecessor tree grows without limit in terms of its depth, the sum of the densities of the integers it represents grows asymptotically to cover all the integers
-Feinstein is in league with those thinking the toad can't get out of his hole, and that the overtaking runner can never pass.

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