Deriving d Values for {c[d]} Description of Elements of L.d.a.s

-- all elements are characterized by some 2a*3b*n + c
        -- that's dn+c, where d=2a*3b
-- let m be the number of elements in the left descent assembly (t doesn't count)
-- l.d.a.s may be denoted as e(s|b)m-1t, 1<=m<=infinity0br>      i.e. are headed by an extension, contain m-1 s- and/or b-steps in
      some order, and terminate as the result of reaching a leaf at the last step
-- the a and b values can be assigned without calculation
   -- for the extension element, a=3, b=m
   -- in each step down any l.d.a., a increases by 1 for s-steps, 2 for b-steps; b decreases by 1
-- e.g. consider the l.d.a. esbt; m=3
    -- coefficient of successive elements are 23*33;  24*32;   26*31

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