Upwards Tracing of Path to Develop Precise Formulas for Subset Contents

This table is explained in some detail a little over halfway through the page on counting the contents of the various predecessor trees.

    path           leaf set      immediate parent        grandparent    great grandparent
     et          2^3*3^1*n+21
     ebt         2^5*3^1*n+81       2^3*3^2*n+61
     est         2^4*3^1*n+3        2^3*3^2*n+5
     ebbt        2^7*3^1*n+321      2^5*3^2*n+241       2^3*3^3*n+181
     ebst        2^6*3^1*n+75       2^5*3^2*n+113       2^3*3^3*n+85
     esbt        2^6*3^1*n+153      2^4*3^2*n+115       2^3*3^3*n+173
     esst        2^5*3^1*n+87       2^4*3^2*n+131       2^3*3^3*n+197
     ebbbt       2^9*3^1*n+1281     2^7*3^2*n+961       2^5*3^3*n+721     2^3*3^4*n+541
     ebbst       2^8*3^1*n+555      2^7*3^2*n+833       2^5*3^3*n+625     2^3*3^4*n+469
     ebsbt       2^8*3^1*n+441      2^6*3^2*n+331       2^5*3^3*n+497     2^3*3^4*n+373

Figure 6: Tracing upward from terminating paths to develop integer sets completely determined in context