The table entries are developed only through three levels of growth, corresponding to the depth in Figure 4. The prefixed e is included in the set names to indicate that the envisioned root is a member of the residue set of parents of left descents. Each dn+c formula (aka c[d]) denotes the set of odd integers congruent to c mod d.
        Residue   Subset    Applicable      Next Stage's  Resulting Terminating
 From     Set    Destiny    Transform       Residue Set    Set Name  Set Names
 root                                           8n+5
   e     24n+5      s     (2(24n+5)-1)/3       16n+3          es
         24n+13     b     (4(24n+13)-1)/3      32n+17         eb
         24n+21   leaf                                                   et
  es     48n+3    leaf                                                   est
         48n+19     b     (4(48n+19)-1)/3      64n+25         esb
         48n+35     s     (2(48n+35)-1)/3      32n+23         ess
  eb     96n+17     s     (2(96n+17)-1)/3      64n+11         ebs
         96n+49     b     (4(96n+49)-1)/3     128n+65         ebb
         96n+81   leaf                                                   ebt
  esb   192n+25     b     (4(192n+25)-1)/3    768n+33        esbb
        192n+89     s     (2(192n+89)-1)/3    384n+59        esbs
        192n+153  leaf                                                   esbt
  ess    96n+23     s     (2(96n+23)-1)/3      64n+15        esss
         96n+55     b     (4(96n+55)-1)/3     128n+73        essb
         96n+87   leaf                                                   esst
  ebs   192n+11     s     (2(192n+11)-1)/3    128n+7         ebss
        192n+75   leaf                                                   ebst
        192n+139    b     (4(192n+139)-1)/3   256n+185       ebsb
  ebb   384n+65     s     (2(384n+65)-1)/3    256n+43        ebbs
        384n+193    b     (4(384n+193)-1)/3   512n+257       ebbb
        384n+321  leaf                                                   ebbt
Note: 8n+5 is the root node of the whole tree. It is subdivided into its three subsets, which are congruent to 0, 1, or 2 mod 3. These subsets, in their turn, are similarly subdivided, with the non-leaf subsets extended using the appropriate branch of the predecessor formula. The "e{s|b}t" notation shows the progressive development of the contents of the nodes in the abstract tree. Figure 5: Stepwise Development of the Abstract Predecessor Tree, Showing Set Contents
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