Introduction to Elementary and Middle School
Participant Presentations and Lesson Plans

The following essays and lesson plans are the culmination of research, writing, and planning of elementary and middle school teacher participants of the People, Plains, and the Prairie Institute at Kansas State University during the summer of 1995.

The lesson plans are thematic in nature and tied to the participants' current school curricula. They were developed for grades three through eight but could be easily adapted for primary grades and to a variety of curricular agendas. All have been field tested and have been deemed successful by both faculty and students. The plans generally follow a sequence that includes a brief overview, specific goals and objectives, a list of materials and equipment needed, the approximate time allotment, the types of assessments used, and a bibliography.

The workshop participants hope that the essays and lesson plans will help other teachers stimulate their students to develop their own sense of place; to view the world as the interaction between people and the environment; to understand on-going environmental adaptations; and to acquire a thirst for the stories the land has to tell. To do this, teachers themselves must have a sensitivity to the history of our environment and its impact on the future. Only then can they hope to instill in their students the challenge to be keepers of the earth.

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