Charles G. (Jack) Oviatt

Ph.D. 1984, University of Utah.

Professor of Geology

Quaternary stratigraphy; Quaternary lacustrine history and paleoclimatology of the Bonneville basin, eastern Great Basin.

Recent Publications:

Oviatt, C.G., Miller., D.M., McGeehin, J.P., Zachary, C., and Mahan, S., in press 2005, The Younger Dryas phase of Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA: Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.


Hart, W.S., Quade, J., Madsen, D.B., Kaufman, D.S., and Oviatt, C.G., 2004, The 87Sr/86Sr ratios of lacustrine carbonates and lake-level history of the Bonneville paleolake system: Geological Society of America Bulletin v. 116, p. 1107-1119.

Oviatt, C.G., Madsen, D.M., and Schmitt, D.N., 2003, Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene rivers and wetlands in the Bonneville basin of western North America: Quaternary Research v. 60, p. 200-210.

Madsen, D.M., Chen, F., Oviatt, C.G., Zhu, Y., Brantingham, P.J., Elston, R.G., and Bettinger, R.L., 2003, Late Pleistocene/Holocene wetland events recorded in southeast Tengger Desert lake sediments, NW China: Chinese Science Bulletin 48.

Oviatt, C.G., Thompson, R.S., Kaufman, D.S., Bright, J., and Forester, R.M., 1999, Reinterpretation of the Burmester core, Bonneville basin, Utah.
Quaternary Research 52:180-184

Oviatt, C.G., 1997, Lake Bonneville and global climate change. Geology 25: 155-158.

Oviatt, C.G., Habiger, G.D., and Hay, J.E., 1994, Variation in the composition of Lake Bonneville marl: A potential key to lake-level fluctuations and paleoclimate. Journal of Paleolimnology 11:19-30.

Oviatt, C.G., McCoy, W.D., and Nash, W.P., 1994, Sequence stratigraphy of lacustrine deposits: A Quaternary example from the Bonneville basin, Utah. Geological Society of America Bulletin 106:133-144.

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