WHERE: Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas
WHEN: June 20-23, 2005
CREDIT: 1, 2, or 3 hours grad credit available

  Why should you come to Symposium?
Because........................................... Symposium is unique in bringing all music  teachers---choral, elementary general, and instrumental--- together for large group sessions and then breaking into smaller groups for special interests.

This exciting summer workshop is for all music educators--no matter what their special areas are. 
Dr Jana Fallin, Dr. Lindsey Williams work together to plan a fun learning event for Symposium participants. Keynote speakers from past Symposia include: Paula Crider, Rob Cutietta, Marvin Lamb, David Myers, Janet Montgomery, Peggy Bennett, Will Schmidt, David Royse, Jack Kreitzer, and Ed Asmus.

Speakers are:
Dr. Joseph Parisi UMKC. Taking us through steps to help our students improvise and create in new ways. Don't miss learning these instructional tips and ideas for your teaching from this exciting young music educator.

Artie Almeida. Innovative, award-winning music educator from Florida. Once you hear her presentations, your life as a music teacher will never be the same again!

Linda Spevacek. Noted composer and speaker on the importance of music education. She will be sharing new music, ideas for your teaching, and all sorts of valuable information to us as music teachers.
  •  Classroom teachers gain new ideas for using music and the arts in their curriculum. 
  • Learn from great speakers, arts events, outstanding teachers in the field, entertainment and fun. 
  •  Be part of an exciting new tradition---the Scholarship Auction, raising funds for music education students. 
  •  Join music teachers in the beautiful Flinthills of the Konza Prairie to explore the art of music teaching. Take home new ideas, new energy, and a renewed commitment to music education. 
  •  Enjoy luncheons, barbecues and banquets with time to visit with outstanding music educators. 
  • Appreciate concerts performed by a variety of school groups and K-State faculty members and participate in musical groups during the week of Symposium. 
 For more information, contact Dr. Jana Fallin, Professor and Division Chair, Music Education, KSU Music Department, 109 McCain, Manhattan, Kansas 66506
 E-mail address: jfallin@ksu.edu
 This is a week filled with learning and fun designed to help music educators remember why they chose to enter the teaching profession. Rekindle the desire to be the best teacher by offering the highest level of musical experiences for students. You will leave inspired and full of ideas to use with your students! 
Don't miss this opportunity
 photos of last years participants