Jeremy Roberts

137D Ward Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-5205
phone: 785-532-7182
email: jaroberts "at" ksu "dot" edu

The CORPS Group

As the broader nuclear engineering community moves toward algorithms for predictive simulation, methods for reactor physics modeling must be developed that can provide higher fidelity than legacy methods and can be deployed on next-generation computer architectures.

The Computation and Optimization for Reactor Physics Simulation (CORPS) group performs research in several areas to support this mission, including advanced transport solvers, reactor core optimization, and design and optimization of new reactor physics experiments.

The CORPS group is always looking for highly motivated graduate students with a strong nuclear engineering background and/or demonstrated proficiency in programming (especially C++). In addition, the CORPS group has opportunities for motivated undergraduate students with strong problem-solving skills and an interest in reactor modeling. Interested students should contact me via email with a short statement of interests and a recent CV.


I'm an assistant professor of nuclear engineering at K-State. My research is in computational reactor physics, which was the subject of my graduate work performed under the guidance of Ben Forget at MIT.