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Jack M. Holl
Professor of History
Department of History
312 Eisenhower Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas 66503

Telephone: (785) 532-6370 (office)
(785) 539-4225 (home)
(785) 532-7004 (fax)


Professor Holl joined the faculty at Kansas State University in January 1989. Previously, he had served as Chief Historian for the United States Department of Energy from 1980-1988. Holl's teaching and research interests include the history of science and technology, recent United States history with emphasis on the Eisenhower Era, institutional and public history, and the history of criminology and penology.

Holl received his graduate education in American intellectual and cultural history under David Brian Davis at Cornell University. Subsequently, he taught American social and cultural history at Williams College and the University of Washington before moving to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission in 1974. He has published:

Argonne National Laboratory, 1946-96 (with the assistance of Richard G. Hewlett and Ruth R. Harris, Foreword by Alan Schriesheim) (University of Illinois Press, 1997). Winner of the Henry Adams Prize from the Society for History in the Federal Government.

The United States Department of Energy 1977-1994: A Summary History (with Terrence R. Fehner) (USDOE, 1994)

Atoms for Peace and War: Eisenhower and the Atomic Energy Commission (with Richard G. Hewlett) (University of California Press, 1989)

The United States Civilian Nuclear Power Policy, 1954-1984: A Summary History (with Roger M. Anders and Alice L. Buck) (USDOE, 1986)

Juvenile Reform in the Progressive Era: William R. George and the Junior Republic Movement (Cornell University Press, 1971)

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