Haiyan Wang

Ph.D., Statistics (2004), Pennsylvania State Univ.


Department of Statistics

Kansas State University

Contact Information

  • E-mail:  hwang@ksu.edu 
  • Office:  Dickens 108E
  • Phone:  (785) 532-0524
  • Fax:  (785) 532-7736


Teaching at K-State and influence on Students

The link below gives a

a summary of my teaching and influence on students with a list of courses taught at K-State

Research Interests

  • Nonparametric methods for design and analysis
  • Longitudinal and functional data analysis
  • High dimensional data analysis with applications in high-throughput data
  • Rank tests for experimental designs
  • Image analysis
  • Bioinformatics


See my Curriculum Vitae for the list of publications.

Please click this link to get access to the articles that I have published.

The link below gives a summary of my research with my advisor, students and collaborators on methodology

summary of my research on methodology

These publications spread across the following five different areas:

(1) Variable selection and modeling for high dimensional data

(2)  Digital image quality assessment and image pixel classification and segmentation.
(3) Inference based on original observations for hypothesis testing.
(4) Rank based inference for high dimensional data.

(5) Rank-Test-based clustering for high dimensional data.

In addition to above methodological research, I also had substantial publications on application of statistics in agriculture, public health, and entomology. See my Curriculum Vitae for the list of such publications.


Students Advising

  •  Past Students and their Current Positions
    • George von Borries, Ph. D. 2008, (current position: Assistant Prof., Tenure track, Univ. of Brasilia) 
    • Ke Zhang (Kurt), Ph. D. 2008, (current position: Assistant Prof., Tenure track, Univ. of North Dakota) 
    • Siti Tolos, Ph.D. 2010, First job: Assistant Prof.,  International Islamic Univ. of Malaysia)  
    • Girly Ramirez (Ph.D. 2013, First job: Novatis, North Carolina)
    • Mohammed Gharaibeh (Ph.D. 2014, Assistant Prof., Al Al-Bayt University, Jordan)
    • Mohammad Sahtout (Ph.D. 2014, First job: Statistics Specialist, Statistics and Analysis Division, Development Sector, United Arab Emirates)


    • Lei Dong (Isaac), M.S. 2009, (current position: Senior Research Analyst, Department of Biostatistics, and Data Manager for Office of Scholarly, Academic & Research Mentoring (OSARM), Department of Internal Medicine, University of Kansas Medical Center, )  
    • Sharad Silwal, M.S. 2009, (jointly with Dr. Diego Maldonado. Currently: Tenure track Assitant Prof., Northland College)  
    • Santosh Ghimire , M.S. 2011. (Currently: Assistant Professor, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal)
    • Liang Peng, M.S. 2011. (Currently: Ph.D. student in Computer Science, Utah State Univ.)
    • Dustin Maurer, M.S. 2011. (Jointly with Dr. Susan Brown. Currently: Ph.D. student in Bioinformatics, University of Kansas)
    • Dayou Jiang, M.S. 2012. (First job: Turner, Kansas City)
    • Eric Mann (M.S. 2011. First Job: Consultant, a private firm at Kansas City)
  •  Current Students
    • Bo Tong (Ph.D., accepted job offer of AbbVie, to defend in Dec. 2015)
    • Richard Opoku-Nsiah (Ph.D., program of study filed in May 2015)

Editorial Service

Associate Editor for Journal of Nonparametric Statistics, Austin Statistics, Statistics Research Letters and Open Journal of Statistics.

Review Editor for Frontiers in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Jan. 2012 current: Elected member of the International Statistical Institute (ISI).


Service to the University

       Faculty Senate Committees (Aug. 2014- 2017)

Faculty Salaries and Fringe Benefits committee

University Library Committee

       Presidential Committee on Big 12 Faculty Fellowship (Fall 2014 - 2017)

       Graduate Council representative for Mathematical and Engineering Sciences Academic Area (September 2015 - August 2018)




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