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Hanley Jackson is a composer and Emeritus Professor of Music at Kansas State University where he founded the Electronic Music Studio and the Comprehensive Musicianship Program. An active member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), Jackson has served as consultant for ARP Synthesizers (Boston) and Music Technology Inc. (New York). His compositions in a variety of mediums have earned him annual ASCAP awards since 1982 and his music is published by Shawnee Press, Walton, Alliance, and MCA.

He grew up in the Los Angeles area where he attended the California State University at Northridge and the CSU at Long Beach. His principal composition teachers were Aurelio de la Vega and Gerald Strang. Before moving to Kansas he did arranging and film scoring for low-budget and industrial motion pictures.

Teaching duties at KSU included three courses in music technology, twentieth century styles, counterpoint, composition, and orchestration. He has produced prize-winning composition students at state, regional, and national levels.

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Jackson now lives alone in Manhattan but still takes pleasure in outdooor activities, particularly duck hunting. In the off-season he trains his  Labrador Retriever. He operates his residential "Gun Dog Tavern" where sound discipline and good manners are required and hunting stories are recollected. Bird dogs and retrievers are welcome but, please, no dogs on furniture.

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Note: If a publisher is not indicated, the music is available from the composer.

Chamber Music
Title Year Medium Publisher
Suite for Strings 1963 String quartet  
Prelude and Tocatta 1964 Clarinet quartet  
Chaconne 1966 Trombone, ww quartet  
String Quartet 1969 String quartet  
Night Pieces 1973 String quartet  
Tangents VI 1976 Oboe, clar., tape  
Fragments 1978 Oboe, guitar  
Tangents VII 1978 String quartet, tape  
Tangents VIII 1980 WW quartet, tape  
Letters to Santa 1986 Sop, pia, tpt, perc.  
Six Pieces 1986 Harp, percussion  
3x2 1989 Six trumpets  
Green Pieces 1990 Brass quintet  
Ssarb 1991 Brass choir  
Three pieces 1992 Ob, vn, vc.  
Five for the Woods 1994 Woodwind qt.  
Sonata 1995 Trb, tpt, piano  
Choral Music
Title Year Medium Publisher
Four Songs 1965 satb  
A Child's Ghetto 1971 satb, tape Walton Music
Triptych 1971 ttbb  
Tangents V 1973 satb, tape Shawnee Press
Cradle Hymn and Hodie 1974 satb, tape Shawnee Press
Day Hours of Darkness 1975 satb, tape Walton Music
Psalm 21 1975 satb, audience Walton Music
Vignettes of the Plains 1975 satb, tape Shawnee Press
Birds of Ogdan 1978 satb Jensen
Jubilate Deo 1979 satb, brass, perc.  
Lux Aeterna 1983 ssaattbb, tape  
Cantata II 1987 satb, tape  
Psalm 113 1990 tbb, piano Alliance Music
High Flight 1993 ssaattbb, tape Alliance Music
Dramatic Music
Title Year Medium Publisher
Skylark of Stratford 1965 7 insts.  
Fetch 1966 jazz quartet  
Trojan Women 1966 10 insts.  
Ring Around the Moon 1967 7 insts.  
Living In A Nuclear Age 1970 jass ensemble  
Keyboard Music
Title Year Medium Publisher
Theme and Variations 1965 Piano  
Prelude and Fugue 1968 Organ  
Tangents IV 1973 Piano, tape Shawnee Press
The Elements 1977 Piano, tape  
For A Quiet Time 1977 Organ, tape  
Spires 1982 Piano, tape  
Fantastic Journey 1984 Piano, tape  
Music for Large Ensembles
Title Year Medium Publisher
Requiem 1964 satb, orch, solos  
Cassandra's Dance 1967 orchestra MCA rental
Matt 1967 satb, perc.  
Manhattan Overture 1968 band  
Tangents II 1969 orchestra MCA rental
Tangents III 1972 band, tape Shawnee Press
Lyric Suite 1977 band  
Of Fin, Fur, and Feather 1992 string orchestra  
Letters to Santa 1993 Soprano, orch.  
Bandfare 1994 band  
Somewhere--Up There! 1997 orchestra  
Elegy for Brass 1997 brass ensemble  
Title Year Medium Publisher
Lifebound 1966 Baritone, piano  
Now 1970 Soprano, tape  
Aesop's Trumpeter 1983 Trumpet, tape  
Suite 1992 Alto sax, piano  
The Lorax 1993 Soprano, piano  

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