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Group Members





Professor Gurpreet Singh

Associate Professor, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Department, Kansas State University

Visiting Guest Researcher, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, CO

PhD Mechanical Engineering (December 2007), University of Colorado at Boulder.

Dissertation: Nanodevices for Applications in Lifesciences and Engineering; Fabrication and Mechanical Characterization

Advisor: Professor Roop L Mahajan and Co-Advisor: Professor J Richard McIntosh

M.S. Mechanical Engineering (May 2006), University of Colorado at Boulder.                

Thesis Title: The Mechanical Strength of Al-Spinel Interfaces.

Advisor: Professor Rishi Raj

Expert Profile on AzoNano: Link

Director, NSF PIRE project on Polymer Derived Ceramics: http://nsf-pire-pdc.com/Home.html



Postdoctoral Associates:


1.   Dr. Santanu Mukherjee (August 2017-July 2018). Currently research scientist at Drexel University. Expert in ceramic materials and metal-ion batteries. Published three journal papers and one book chapter.


2.   Dr. M. Shareef Kolathodi (October 2015-August 2016). Currently Assistant Professor at the Government Arts and Science College Calicut, India. He worked on graphene and other 2-D material-based coatings for corrosion prevention and supercapacitor applications.


Doctoral Students:


1.   Romil Bhandavat (2010-2013): Defended March 2013, currently employed at Intel Corp., OR.

Dissertation title: Molecular Precursor Derived SiBCN/CNT and SiOC/CNT Composite Nanowires for Energy Based Applications.

Awards: MNE Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award for 2011-2012

Kansas State University Graduate Award for Academics for 2013Ӯ


2.   Lamuel David (2010-2015): Defended April 2015, currently employed at Fiat Chrysler, Detroit, MI.

Dissertation title: van der Waals Sheets for Rechargeable Metal-ion Batteries.

Awards: MNE Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award for 2013-2014


3.   Dipta Sarkar (2019- 2020): Defended Jan 2020, accepted position at Intel Corp., OR.

Dissertation title: Development of Suspended Thermoreflectance Technique and its Application in Thermal Property Measurement of Semiconductor Materials. 

Awards: Best poster award at the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Salt Lake City, UT, November 2019.


4.   Zhongkan Ren (Expected graduation Summer 2020): Working on polymer-derived ceramic fibers.

Author of four journal papers and one book chapter.


5.   Shakir Mujib (Expected graduation Summer 2020): Conducting research on biomass derived carbon, hard carbons for battery and supercapacitor applications. Author of two journal papers.


6.   Davi Soares (Expected graduation Spring 2021): Conducting research on large scale manufacture of 2D materials for energy storage devices. Author of three journal papers.


7.   Tyler Hieber (Expected graduation Summer 2020): Conducting research on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems.


Masters Students:


1.   Mr. Federico Toigo (thesis research at K-State summer 2019; co-advisor with Paolo Colombo, University of Padova): worked on direct write 3D printing of ceramics.

2.   Mr. Riccardo Cuccato (thesis done at K-State summer 2017; co-advisor with Paolo Colombo, University of Padova): Defended December 2017, currently employed in Italy.

M.S. Thesis title (December 2017): Polymer-derived Ceramics for Energy Storage Application.


3.   Ms. Priyal Parikh (Summer 2017-Fall 2018): Non-thesis student.


4.   Ms. Abigail Weaver (Fall 2015-Spring 2017): Defended December 2016, currently employed at Honeywell, Kansas City

M.S. Thesis title (December 2016): Mechanical and Electrical Properties of 3D-Printed Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Composites Reinforced with Carbon Nanomaterials.


5.   Monsur Abass (Spring 2016-Spring 2017): Defended December 2016, currently at Intel corp.

M.S. Thesis title (December 2016): Boron Nitride Nanotube-Modified Silicon Oxycarbide Ceramic Composite: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications in Electrochemical Energy Storage.

Awards: 1st place at the Technical Poster Competition at the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) 43rd Annual Convention


6.   S. Pahwa (with co-advisor Dr. Kevin Lease): Defended December 2015

M.S. Thesis title (2014-2015): Titanium Dioxide/ Silicon Oxycarbide Hybrid Polymer Derived Ceramic as High Energy & Power Lithium Ion Battery Anode Material.


7.   Lamuel David (2010-2011): Defended November 2011.

M.S. Thesis title: Synthesis of Large-Area Few Layer Graphene Films by Rapid Heating and Cooling in a Modified APCVD furnace.


8.   Deepu Asok (2012-2013): Defended November 2013, currently employed at Pfizer.

M.S. Title: Study of Si(Al)CN Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Composite as a High Temperature Thermal Absorber Coating Material.


Undergraduate Students:


1.   Ms. Porter Herold (Spring 2020-current): Freshman/Sophomore in M.E., Kansas State University

2.   Ms. Maren Ellis (Spring 2020-current): Junior in M.E., Kansas State University

3.   Ms. Sophia Justus (Fall 2018-Spring 2020):  M.E., Kansas State University

4.   Ms. Maureen Holthaus (Fall 2019-Spring 2020): M.E., Kansas State University

5.   Ms. Stacia Satzler (Summer 2018-2019): Engineering, Kansas State University

6.   Ms. Isabella Cesarone (Fall 2017-2019): Che. E, Kansas State University

7.   Ms. MacKenzy Meis (Fall 2017): Che. E., Kansas State University

8.   Mr. Kenneth Mcloud (Summer 2018-Fall 2018): McNair Scholar, M.E., Kansas State University

9.   Ms. Kylie Alejos (Fall 2017-Spring 2018): Civil, Kansas State University

10.        Mr. Jonathan Turnley (Summer 2017): NSF-REU student; currently pursuing PhD at Purdue

11.        Ms. Tyler Farthing (Spring 2017-current): M.E., Kansas State University

12.        Ms. Jordan Walburn (Fall 2016): Kansas State University

13.        Mr. John Petrovich (Summer 2016): NSF-REU student; currently pursuing PhD at UC-Berkeley

14.        Ms. Gaby Biby (Summer 2016-Spring 2017): M.E., Kansas State University

15.        Ms. Diana Arreola (Fall 2015-Spring 2018): M.E., Kansas State University

16.        Ms. Victoria Voigt (Summer 2015- Spring 2016): currently at Epic Systems, Madison, WI

17.        Mr. Harrison Gunn (Summer 2015): NSF-REU student from Syracuse University, U-Penn JD/MS degree

18.        Ms. Myra McLenon (Summer 2015): E.E., Kansas State University

19.        Ms. Allison Sommer (2014- 2015): currently working full time for an engineering firm in Kansas City, KS (Best poster award, College of Engineering)

20.        Ms. Kelsey Harlow (Spring 2015): status unknown (Best poster award, College of Engineering)

21.        Ms. Erin Black (2013- 2014): currently working full time for an engineering firm in Salina, KS

22.        Mr. Uriel Barerra (2011-2015): currently at Dow Chemicals in New Orleans, LA

23.        Mr. Saksham Pahwa (Summer 2012): currently in India

24.        Mr. Alex Wu (2011-2012): currently at G.E. Aviation, KS

25.        Mr. Quentin Adams (2009-2011): currently at Chevron in Houston, TX

26.        Mr. Samuel Browning (2009-2010): status unknown

27.        Mr. Manuel Garcia (2009-2010): currently at ExxonMobil in Houston, TX.