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Nanomaterials and Ceramics Processing


High temperature tube furnace (up to 1600 C)

High temperature box furnace (up to 1600 C)


Two Chemical fume hoods


Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Furnace (Model: FirstNano through NIST-Boulder)

High precision glove box


Materials Characterization


Low Vacuum Scanning Electron Microscope (Model: Carl Zeiss EVO MA 10)


Electrochemical Characterization: Arbin BT 2000 Battery test system


Electrical Characterization


Signatone Probe Station (S1160A-4N) with Motic PSM 1000 Microscope (joint purchase with a Chemical Eng. faculty)

Keithley Model 2636 Dual-channel System SourceMeter Instrument (Low Current). For electrical characterization of nanotubes and nanowires.