Organic Matrix,
Shell Microstructure,
and Fossilization

This study began as an investigation of the function of the periostracum in shell growth (see nos. 5 and 10 from the reference list), and expanded into the relationships between the organic matrix and shell microstructure (see 16, 23, 24 and 35 from the reference list).

Serendipity brought about an expansion of this study into shell pyritization (no. 25 from the reference list), and then into taphonomic and diagenetic effects related to organic matrix degredation. See, for example, nos. 48, 49, 51 and 53 from the reference list.

Current Project:

I am completing a study on organic matrix degredation in fossil and archaeological Mercernaria and other venerid bivalves (see no. 53 from the reference list.

Future Projects:

1. Complete a comparative study on the preservation and organic matrix degredation of several "well-preserved" Cretaceous and Tertiary fossil assemblages. THIS WOULD MAKE A GOOD MASTER'S THESIS FOR AN INTERESTED STUDENT!!

2. Complete a survey on the microstructure and organic matrix within normal and stressed ("growth line") regions in Mercenaria.

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