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Last updated: 11/09/2018

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  • Publications:


(26) “Firms’ Markup, Cost, and Price Changes when Policymakers Permit Collusion: Does Antitrust Immunity Matter?” (with Xin Xie), forthcoming in Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.


(25) “Mergers and Product Quality: Evidence from the Airline Industry,” (with Yongmin Chen), forthcoming in International Journal of Industrial Organization.


(24) “Entry Deterrence and Strategic Alliances,” (with Xin Xie), Economic Inquiry, Volume 56, Issue 3, July 2018, Pages 1898-1924.


(23) “How much do Consumers really Value Air travel On-time Performance, and to what extent are Airlines Motivated to Improve their On-time Performance?” (with Jules Yimga), Economics of Transportation, Volume 14, June 2018, Pages 31-41.


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(18) “Choosing between Order-of-Entry Assumptions in Empirical Entry Models:  Evidence from Competition between Burger King and McDonald’s Restaurant Outlets,” (with Zijun Luo), Journal of Industrial Economics. Volume 63, Issue 1, pages 129–151, March 2015.


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(1) “Estimating the Demand and Supply of Treasury Bills in Barbados: a co-integration approach,” (with Roland Craigwell), Money Affairs, Centre for Latin American Monetary Studies, Vol. X, No.1, January-June, 1997.


  • Working Papers:




(2)  Measuring Merger Cost Effects:  Evidence from a Dynamic Structural Econometric Model,” (with Huubinh Le) Manuscript, Kansas State University, 2014.  This paper won the Robert F. Lanzillotti Prize for Best Paper in Antitrust Economics at the 11th annual International Industrial Organization Conference (IIOC), held in Boston, Massachusetts, May 17-19, 2013.


(3) “Airline Alliances and their Effects on Costs,” (with Huubinh Le) Manuscript, Kansas State University, 2014.



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