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Associate Professor of Mathematics
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I have moved my homepage to the Department of Mathematics server. Please access it at www.math.ksu.edu/~dyetter

Color versions of the figures for the paper "On Algebraic Structures Implicit in Toplogical Quantum Field Theories" which appeared in the Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications are still available on this server.

If you wish to reach me by e-mail, send e-mail to dyetter@math.ksu.edu. Do not send e-mail to my CNS unix account, as I do not read it often, nor do I forward mail from it to my account at math.ksu.edu, as almost all the mail sent to it is adminstrative junk-mail which I receive copies of already on my math account.

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Besides conducting research in quantum topology, teaching various math courses and serving on University and departmental committees, I also serve the K-State community as the faculty advisor to the K-State Orthodox Christian Fellowship. Visit our website!

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