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English 381 Survey of American Literature One

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General [Copy of Massachusetts “Body of Liberties” from 1641--one of the earliest documents establishing codes in colonly.] [Copy of Samuel Adams “Rights of the Colonists” from 1772. Argues man endowed with rights from natural law.] [Site has good background info on first generations: Pilgrims and Puritans contrasted.] [Site contains on-line versions of women’s writing in early America. from the Women in American History site] [Large site containing info on several of the early writers we are reading.] [from the Transcendentalism page a chart showing simplified comparisons of transcendentalism and other forms of belief.] from the Transcendentalism page a sampling of definitions of transcendenalism written by students.] [Materials related to Emerson, Thoreau and others vis-a-vis the abolitionist movement.] [Site devoted to New England transcendentalism, Brook Farm with additional material on Thoreau and Emerson.] [Bibliography of resources explaining puritanism.] [Site has
links to most authors from 1820-1865. Might be useful site when you are
writing your papers.]

Bradford [Site has nice precis on Bradford with link to Morton.]

Winthrop [On-line version of Model of Christian Charity (complete).] [On-line version of City
Upon a Hill.] [Site had
chronology and other Winthrop-related materials.]

Bradstreet [Brief intro to Bradstreet but has several on-line versions of her poems.]

Edwards [Description of the personal writings of Edwards with links to on-line versions of some including his "Personal Narrative."] [on-line versions of sermons delivered by Edwards and his contemporaries] [So far, the best website on Edwards. Much info and access to on-line versions of his work. Lots of links.]

Franklin [on-line version of Adams “Rights of the Colonists” with available introduction by Franklin} [Good site with time of Franklin’s life with links to other sources.]

Jefferson [Declaration of Independence with accompanying guide]

Wigglesworth [Useful site for material on Wigglesworth’s life, some sample sermons. Importantly entire text of Day of Doom is available.]

Taylor [Site has on- line versions of additional poems not in Norton text] [nice summary of “teaching strategies” by Karen Rowe] [bibliography of work on Taylor] [brief ecture notes from Gonzaga faculty member[

Morton [Short piece contrasting Bradford and Morton.] [Short piece on the historical sense of Merry Mount.] [On-line source of Morton’s Customs and Manners of the Indians”] [Short piece on the historical sense of Merry Mount. On-line source of Morton’s Cutoms and Manners of the Indians."]

Fuller {Site has on-line versions of Fuller essays as well as commentary and bibliography.] [Essay on Fuller "Margaret Fuller: Performing Civic Equality.”] [Essay on Fuller as “the American Minerva.”] [More detailed (than our text’s) biography of Fuller.]

Murray [Site contains both short and detailed biographical essays with link to other resources.] [Brief intro to Murray.]

Equiano [Excellent site with on- line versions of works, pictures, commentaries, bibliographies.]

Whitman [Simplistic but perhaps useful color-coded interpretation of key questions answered in colored sections of Leaves of Grass “Preface”] [On-line version of 1891 Leaves of Grass] [Probably the best Whitman site on the net. Scads of relevant materials] [Brief article on Whitman and “Song of Sex”] [Site details newly discovered Whitman notebooks.] [Essay demonstrating how critics have differently “constructed” Walt Whitman over the years.] {Site is from the Transcendental Web explaining Whitman’s transcendentalism with links to other transcendental writers of his time.]

Dickinson {On-line site for paintings of Thomas Cole, probably the American painter Dickinson most admired.] [On-line version of Dickinson’s Master letters.] [Home site for the ED listserv with useful links to other resources online.] [Selected pages from critical work on ED “Rowing in Eden”] [Essay on ED biographist and editor Franklin’s methodology.] [Essay on fascilces especially in relationship to fascicle 21.] [Franklin’s “Introduction” to The Manuscript Books of Emily Dickinson] [Essay showing difficulties involved in presenting digital versions of ED manuscripts.] [Article on “The Biblical Roots of Emily Dickinson’s Poetry”] [Article on Protestant symbology in Dickinson’s poetry.]

Spofford {Brief general article]

Melville [Melville Bibliography with materials related to Bartleby.] [Critical interpretation of Bartleby entitled “Bartleby on Trial.] [Critical interpretation of Bartleby entitled “Poor Richard's Legacy: American Business Values from Benjamin Franklin to Donald Trunk.”] [Critical interpretation of Bartleby entitled “Melville's Crossing in
"Bartleby the Scrivener."] [article comparing Balzac’s Seraphita to Billy Budd] [Good site to begin on-line resources for Melville.] {Brief discussion of Billy Budd] [Materials relevant to Billy Budd] [On-line version of Bartleby with footnotes.] [Summary of commentaries on Bartleby from 1968-79.

Hawthorne [Site contains links to four articles and bibliography on “Young Goodman Brown.”] [Brief notes on introductory section of Scarlet Letter.} [Portrait of Custom House] [Flag which flew over the custom house.] [Short Bio on Hawthorne.] [Picture of Hawthorne as well as list of primary works and bibliography.] [Hawthorne experimented with commune living at Brook Farm; site is a history of Brook Farm.]

Thoreau [On-line version of Walden with pop-up notes.] [Civil Disobedience site (modern) showing offshoot of some of Thoreau’s thinking.] [On-line version of Civil Disobedience with pop-up notes.] [Materials related to Gandhi’s civil disobedience showing roots in Thoreau.]

Emerson [Sermon by Channing on beliefs of unitarianism, Emerson’s religion.] [Some definitions of transcendentalism.] [Short explanatory essay dealing with Emerson’s “Nature.”] [Overview of American transcendentalism.] [Glossary to accompany Emerson’s “Nature.”] [Good site with lots of links to analyticat materials on Emerson.] [Another version--links about Emerson.]
[On-line version of Emerson’s essay “Oversoul.”]

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