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Publications and Replication Datasets:


2016. “Trade Interdependence and the Use of Force: Do Issues Matter?,” with Sam R. Bell. International Interactions 42: 750-773.

2013. “Is Food Security The New Tariff? Explaining Changes in Sanitary and Phytosanitary Regulatory Notifications of World Trade Organization Members,” with Raymond Kassatly and Justin Kastner. Global Economy Journal 13:25-46.


2008. “Bilateral Trade in the Shadow of Armed Conflict.” International Studies Quarterly forthcoming. Replication Files.


2007. “Allying for Peace: Treaty Obligations and Conflict between Allies.” (with Timothy Nordstrom and Kyeonghi Baek) Journal of Politics 69:1103-1117. Replication Files.


2006. “Trading for Security: Military Alliances and Economic Agreements.” (with Brett Ashley Leeds) Journal of Peace Research 43: 433-451.  Download manuscript and data for replication.


2003. “Defense Pacts and International Trade.” Journal of Peace Research 40: 537-552.  Download manuscript and data for replication.


2002. “Alliance Treaty Obligations and Provisions, 1815-1944.” (with Brett Ashley Leeds, Jeffrey M. Ritter, and Sara McLaughlin Mitchell) International Interactions 28:237-260. Download Data for Replication.


2000. “Re-evaluating Alliance Reliability: Specific Threats, Specific Promises.” (with Brett Ashley Leeds, Andrew G. Long, and Sara McLaughlin Mitchell) Journal of Conflict Resolution 44:686-699. Download Coding of Cases.



From 1998-2003 I was involved in a large data collection project concerned with military alliances.  For more information on the ATOP research project founded and directed by Dr. Brett Ashley Leeds please click on the link below.


Alliance Treaty Obligations and Provisions